Rental Conditions

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Rental Conditions
Your tenant must be at least 21 years old.

Rental period is at least 1 day.

Kilometers are Unlimited.

Car rental can be done with cash or credit card.

The traffic fines belongs to the rental agency.

If the car is detained from traffic, the rental period will be added to this rental period.

Our vehicles have a helmet. However, in order for the insurance to be valid,
alcoholic, under the influence of drugs, legal speed
should not be used outside of their borders. Otherwise; he is responsible for all damage caused by the vehicle and is responsible for paying the rental price of the days the vehicle is spent in the repair service.

Traffic accident report and alcohol report should be taken immediately in case of an accident and immediately informed to our center.

If the accident is double-sided, the counterpart's license copy, insurance policy copy, driver's license photocopy
must be provided by the tenant.

Vehicles are refunded for up to 3 hours, 1/3 of daily rent, 1 day for 3 hours delay.

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